The South London Review of Hand Dryers returns, with what I am contractually obliged to say is the latestest and greatest issue!


It's been almost 2 years since the last issue but I can assure you it's been worth the wait...

We've bumped up the size to A4 (wow)

We've added an extra 2 pages of content (wow)

And we're throwing in a BRAND.NEW.STICKER (omg wow). 


But wtf's even inside the zine ffs omg?


Well, we've got:

Fabulous Illustraions by @hannahrobinson

An illuminating interview with photogrpaher @samuelryde

A halluncinogenic short story by @lightning_bleepbloop

Artwork by @shrubhabits

A tell-all (but also nothing) letter from Bernard Millstone-Grit

Fake adverts, real drama and, of course, reviews of South London hand dryers. 


£9 for zine + Manrose pin badge (usually £10 omg)


10% profits being donated to DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal


- Free collection available from Fish Island E3 -



SLRoHD 5 +Manrose Pin Badge (HOT DEAL)